Rin Ravin

A Testy and Driven Young Bard


Rin is a Half Drow women about 4 feet 5 inches high. She is proficient in the violin, lute and Shakuhachi flute. She wears a tunic that is a Dark shade of red almost Maroon color with brown skin tight pants down to her calves. Her boots which are a lighter shade of brown cover the rest of her lower body. She also wears a red cloak and black scarf. on her left hand she has a ring with an unusual symbol representing the Izzet faction (what ever that means.) Her hair is a vibrant almost shining white and runs down to about her shoulders but is worn in a pony tail on top of her head, it seems to never grow. Her eyes are of a very serious nature most of the time and are shaded with a very light orange color and her face is a middle ground grey color with very sharp white lines running from the top of head to the bottom of her chin running straight through her eyes. What is peculiar about her is the black leather glove she wears on her right hand that never seems to come off.


Rin Ravin was born in the underdark to a human mother. Her father took his mother from the surface and raped her keeping her captive to take care of Rin and to be a servant. Rins mother was a very proficient musician and loved Rin but resented her because of her father. Her mother began to teach RIn in the ways of music, at the age of 2 which made Rin happy and created a stronger bond between them. She was taught in the ways of the violin, flute, and lute. Although her mother did actually love her she still harbored some disdain toward her and her race so the lesson would sometimes get…violent. After years of suffering in the under dark Rin and her mother made there escape while her father was out thieving for fun. She became a Bard and traveled with a troupe of actors around for a while In Talea and met a very good friend named Gambit. He was a brass player, trumpet was his favorite, and he told RIn of a special piece of music that resided in the world. It was a piece called the Devils Sonnet which when heard or played would invoke terrible things to happen to the people involved. The only thing is there was more than one, a violin piece, a flute piece, a trumpet piece and a lute piece. Gambit and Rin eventually broke off from there Troupe and fell in love. They decided to find this Sonnet devoting there lives to ancient music. They were exploring some ruins of an old library when they stumbled across a piece of paper with strange notes on them. Rin could not read them but Gambit, for some odd reason, knew exactly what they meant. He picked it up and began to play as if he were in a trance. After he started playing he simply caught ablaze, evil whispers could be heard all around them and Gambit continued never failing a single note. After he finished Gambit laid on the ground burnt to a crisp…dying. He looked up at RIn for the last time with a smile on his face, a smile that embodied the devil himself, still controlled by the music and he passed. with a heavy heart she shed no tears and made her way to the nearest village to post her base of operations. She would find this evil and would contain it and store it so no others would feel its wrath.

“Jeez stop asking!”

Rin Ravin

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